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Personal lighting coaching

Personal lighting sessions based on your needs and wishes Product number: 30000001

Eager to take your lighting skills to the next level? Do you feel the need for personal coaching to get the most out of your Profoto product? Do you need help with a specific technique or want to dive in to even more advanced set-ups? Then Profoto Lighting Coaching is for you! With this hourly private session you decide the topic and we provide the expertise. Our Lighting Coach Anders Hannola is ready to guide you! About your personal Lighting Coach Anders is a well-known face for many photographers from Profoto Academy. What Anders doesn’t know when it comes to all the different light-related tools available on the market isn’t worth knowing. As a photographer, his main focus is music-artists and creating artsy portraits. With light shaping as one of his biggest passions, he has sculpted unique portraits of many famous artists. In a one-2-one session with Anders, you can get help with how to create certain effects, handle environments that are difficult to light, get advice on which tools you should use and how to optimize the usage of your current equipment. Each session is conducted in a digital environment and takes place at an agreed time. You can purchase one or several hours. Once the order is completed, Anders Hannola will reach out to you to set up a time and learn more about what you had in mind in order to be fully prepared for each session. Each session is conducted in a 60-min segment. Sessions cannot be divided into shorter segments at different times and days. Sessions are in English or Swedish.